Our Mission

To facilitate the well-being of ALL new families in Berkshire County, Berkshire Baby Box:

• raises awareness of safe sleep issues and furnishes a safe sleeping space for newborns;

• provides needed items to help ease the transition to parenthood;

• facilitates connections for new families to local resources, parenting education, guidance, and support;

• promotes healthy postpartum adjustment and maternal well-being;

• addresses the emotional and geographic isolation often felt by local new mothers;

• celebrates that all new families in the Berkshires are valued.


There are many Baby Box workshops scheduled throughout the county, where you will meet other expectant moms and local health practitioners.  These workshops will help prepare you for parenthood, introduce you to programs and resources available to new moms and families, and can help you avoid the feeling of isolation that often comes with having a new baby. CALL to find out when their next workshop will be held, and to let them know when you would like to attend.